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Welcome! If you are new to Deal Blitz, please use these TIPS AND TRICKS to help you understand our auction platform and start winning auctions. We want you to enjoy your time on our mobile accessible website and to have success winning auctions. We recognize that there are hundreds of penny auctions to choose from and we are thrilled that you’ve selected us!

  1. Set Realistic Goals

    If you are new to penny auctions or are a beginner to Deal Blitz, please do not expect to necessarily win a television on your first auction. It could absolutely happen, but it’s probably not realistic to EXPECT to win your very first auction. You’ll be bidding against folks with far more experience – give yourself some time to get acclimated.

  2. Start Small

    You may want to choose a less popular item to bid on during your first few auctions. This will allow you to get comfortable with the auction format without competing with as many of our bidders. Bidding on more popular items may have you competing with a lot of our highly skilled veterans, right out of the gate. Once you get a bit more acquainted with the site, you may have better success in the popular auctions.

  3. Do Your Research

    If you’re reading these TIPS AND TRICKS, you’re heading in the right direction already. Read our How It Works and watch some of the in-process auctions before you begin bidding. Read and understand our Terms & Conditions, review our "Buy It Now" options, our AutoBid tools, and our pricing structure.

  4. Set a Budget

    Decide ahead of time how much you are willing to spend on any particular auction. You must use your budgeting skills and our BIN feature to stay within your limits.

  5. Learn from History

    We provide you with historical auction information within the "Ended Auctions" section on the main auction page. Try using your analytical skills to determine when you think an auction is likely to end and jump in near that auction price.