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How It Works

Welcome to Deal Blitz! If you are new to Deal Blitz, please take a moment to review how our auctions work. Deal Blitz is not your standard auction site – it is a fast-paced, exciting auction model where you'll have the opportunity to buy some amazing products at unbelievable prices! Here's how it works:

  1. Register With Us

    Before you purchase bids or participate in any auction, you'll be asked to register and create an account with us. That's it! Now you're ready to get started. We recommend you also review our TIPS AND TRICKS section before you begin.

  2. Buy Your Bids

    Our bids are sold for $0.25 each. However, you can purchase a "bid pack" containing various quantities of bids. For example, you may purchase 20 bids for $5.00, etc.

    Purchasing and using bids does not guarantee you will win an auction. You may purchase bids electronically by selecting "Buy Bids" at the top of the screen, or as the quick bid purchase interface that pops up during live auction bidding. Bids are always nonrefundable.

  3. Join One or More Auctions

    Once you have registered and logged in, you will see a number of auctions that are available. You may select an auction by clicking on them individually. If you click the "DealBlitz" icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen you will navigate to the current auctions that are Live. You can select the "heart" icon to add an auction to your "My Auctions" page. This icon is located to the right of each auction image within the Live Auctions page, or at the top right of the screen within the individual main auction page. If the heart is selected it will turn red and the filled red heart located at the top of the screen will indicate how many items, you have added to your "My Auctions" page.

    The auction that you select will display for the entire screen. You may also change the auction that is shown by clicking on the "DealBlitz" icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

  4. Bid on an Auction

    Next, you simply bid!

    Manual Bidding: you may bid manually on the auction selected by pressing the orange rectangular "Bid Now!" button. Each time you bid, a grid space turns red and your username appears as the last bidder, each of which visually indicates your placed bid.

    Automated Bidding: you may activate the automated bid function by pressing the "Auto Bid" button. Pressing the "Auto Bid" button will cause the system to automatically bid on the auction shown, once every one second as a default timeframe. However, you can adjust the Auto Bid rate to every half second or adjust the speed to nine seconds within the "Account" page located at the top of the screen.

    Each bid that you (and each other bidder) place causes one of the "BID" indicators shown below the auction to change color (blue for other bidders, red for your bids). After ten (10) bids have been placed by you or another bidder, the price of the auction will be increased by $0.01. This process repeats until the auction ends.

  5. Winning an Auction

    Once an auction is selected, you can see many grid prize icons that may be embedded within the grid. Grid prizes are indicated by a star icon or an 'B' symbol shown within a grid space. The orange circle with a white 'B' symbol indicates bids received that will be added to the coordinating icon at the top of the screen. The blue circle with the white star icon in it indicates points received that will be added to the coordinating icon at the top of the screen. Since many of the icons are visible, you can attempt to skillfully time your bids to land on the prize icons and win those grid prizes. When your 30 second eligibility timer "window" is initiated, you may be able to see additional prizes that were originally hidden. When the reserve price is met, a 5-second countdown timer is initiated. If the 5-second countdown timer is initiated during your Window, you will see the countdown timer and will be able to participate in the countdown bidding. However, if your Window has expired, you will not see the 5-second countdown timer and you will not be able to bid in the countdown portion of the auction. Make sure you keep those Windows open!

    The indicator within the "Bid Now!" button remains orange until you place a bid. Once you place a bid, the indicator flashes gray then back to orange and the progression bar turns orange indicating the start of your 30-second Window. As your Window approaches its expiration, the indicator turns from orange to gray/black, finally turning solid gray/black indicating the end of your 30-second Window.

    If you are the winner of an auction, you have the ability to purchase the product at the deeply discounted final auction price that is displayed.

  6. If You Don't Win

    If an auction ends and you are not the winner, don't worry! You still have the ability to purchase the product using our "Buy It Now" option or through our Store. The retail price of each product is always listed below the product for your reference. If you choose to buy the item using Buy It Now, you can purchase the item at the Retail Price listed within the auction page. In addition, the bids placed within this specific auction will be returned to your account minus your winnings (points and bid value) within the auction. The total number of bids returned to your account for the Buy It Now can be used towards another auction. You can select the Buy It Now option by pressing the orange link "Buy It Now!" located at the bottom right of the grid. Not all of the items up for auction are available for a Buy It Now.

  7. If you Run Out of Bids

    If you run out of bids, you may purchase additional bids using quick bid purchase interface that pops up during live auction bidding. You may also purchase bids using the "Buy Bids" tab at the top of the screen.